Thursday, October 27, 2016

Improbable Planet by Hugh Ross

            I was really very excited when I received the opportunity to review Improbable Planet by Hugh Ross. I usually try not to read and review non-fiction books in an attempt to take a break from reading difficult subject matter apart from my graduate classes. However, this book tempted me because it is all about God’s Creation, and as a Christian environmental scientist my goal in life is to take care of and protect what God created in the beginning. Improbable Planet tells of how Earth as we know it came into existence, how each miraculous event leading to its Creation was not an accident. There is a design and a purpose in the Creation of the universe and the planet we call home that goes beyond what modern science teaches.

            I have to say, I absolutely loved this book! It is written in such a way that anyone with or without a scientific background could understand. Yes, there were some parts that dealt with complex subject matter, but for the most part, laymen and experts alike should be able to understand most of the concepts presented within the book.  I also believe that this book is an excellent book for anyone interested in Creationism to read. Not everybody will agree with everything presented in this book, but nonetheless, it provides the reader with so much critical and important information about the origin of our planet and life on Earth. Ross’s goal when writing this book was, as he put it “to demonstrate how our seemingly “imperfect” universe fits with a two-creation model of reality…that this universe serves as a launchpad for the new creation to come--a reality more perfect than any of us can think of or imagine, one that fulfills all our greatest hopes and deepest longings.”

**I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review from Baker Publishing**

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